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Imagine Rotary Tri District Conference

Rotarians from three districts, 5580, 5950 and 5960 gathered in Brainerd at Madden's Resort to share and solidify their Rotarian future goals and enthusiasm. Mary Ives and Michelle Carlson were in person at the event, while Lorraine Giles and Courtney Swalbowski attended online. Prior to the opening ceremony, Braver Angels booths were open to share and discuss unique opportunities for Rotarians to get involved in. Mary and Michelle had good conversations with :

1. The Outreach Program from Brainerd Lakes - which packages nutritious, life saving meals for starving and malnourished children and families in the US and abroad. These meals are prepackaged and a quick source of nutrition for those in need.

2. North Star Rotary Youth Exchange - this organization helps provide an international opportunity to high school students to go abroad OR bring international students to our communities. In Duluth we have the Central States Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

3. Club Visioning - Preparing Rotary Clubs for the future with a volunteer based initiviative to help with planning and developing goals for multi years. Creating a master plan and action goals. This is free of charge and usually is 1/2 day planning sessions

The Conference kicked off with Opening Ceremony and the Morning Workshop with Dr. Jermaine Davis - speaking on "leading with an Inclusive Lens" in everything we do and how we lead our lives. All need a willingness to community, behave and think differently when interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences.

Julia D. Phelps, Past President Representative and Rotary Foundation Alumni Chari shared her knowledge and impact the Rotary brings to lives, abroad and local.

Harold Osmundson, Leadership Speaker, shared about how being a leader impacts others and transform lives. He wants to share the need for leaders in Rotary.

Lenny Stormo , Business leader and Stillwater Rotarian spoke about finding your "elevator speech" about Rotary. How to measure your connection and contribution to your community. Find ways to then share these contributions and celebrate your successes.

Kay Biga, our 5580 District Governor, was in attendance and spoke about women in Rotary and the need to continue to have more join. The need for Rotarians to be involved and be asked to join.

It was a great day with Rotarians from around the State of MN, North Dakota and Canada whom traveled to be together, re-energize and communicate with other Rotarians as we assist our own communities with good deeds.

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